Away we go!

Driving through the fog this morning up I-25, the only thing I could think to myself was ‘Yep, this is hockey weather.” Of course, by mid-afternoon it had approached 80 degrees and all I wanted to do was go enjoy another sunny summer-like day, but I digress.

The Colorado Eagles are back in business, as of 10 this morning.

There was a nice crowd out to see the first day of training camp, though the guys on the ice all kind of blended together as is typical. The only thing different than the usual practice might have been my 9-month-old boy catching a glimpse of the sport for the first time (pretty sure he loved it).

Some quick notes:
True to his word, Chad Costello was skating full the first day of camp, and he looked pretty darn good. He said he felt good other than maybe feeling a bit more like an old man, that the thing he had to get used to was taking longer to warm up.
— Costello was skating with Jack Combs (no surprise there) and newcomer Trent Daavettila (imagine that line?) in blue; The whites included Riley Nelson, Michael Forney and Gabe Gauthier; donning yellow were Kyle Ostrow, Jason Visser and Dylan Hood; reds were returners Adam Chorneyko, Jordan Baker and Teegan Moore.
— Dylan’s brother, Kyle, was taking defensive reps. It sounds like he will begin the year as a straight up D-man and then if the Eagles need a swing guy he is very capable of that role.
— With his 21st birthday coming up on Oct. 12, goalie Adam Brown is the youngest member of the team (a few months younger than defenseman Collin Bowman), and it sounds like a large group decision was made to bring him to Eagles camp over St. John’s. Brown is the son of Vancouver Canucks assistant coach¬†Newell Brown, and it sounds like he was involved in the decision just a bit. Could be an interesting story.
— There are eight rookies in camp, two of them goalies with Brown and Aaron Dell. That’s the first time since I’ve been on the beat where there haven’t been at least two goalies with significant pro experience. But as the ECHL played out last year, some of the best goalies were rooks; I think the Eagles noticed that, too.

More tomorrow.


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Adam Dunivan has worked as a sports writer at the Reporter-Herald since January, 2008, covering the Colorado Eagles hockey team for the last three and a half seasons. Prior to that, Dunivan spent six years covering high school sports for the Rocky Mountain News. His articles have appeared in a variety of newspapers across the United States.
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  1. Eagles Rule says:

    You probably should remove the Eagles blog from your website. It has been 7 months and a whole season since there has been a posting.

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